Words per minute, or WPM, is the measure of the number of words typed in a minute. A "word" is defined as five characters, and space counts as a character, meaning that "of it" counts as one word just like "nitro" counts as one word (characters divided by 5 - US measurement). WPM is calculated by dividing the total number of words by the fractional amount of minutes typed. However, WPM does not increase by using a nitro, and it can even decrease a player's speed by 1-3 WPM due to how data is transferred when a nitro is inputted and the last packets of the race are registered. 


WPM increases as words are typed, but decreases if a word is mistyped. Practice is recommended so that you mistype words fewer and fewer times.  

For example, if one types for exactly 2 minutes and types 810 characters, 810 characters divided by 5 characters per word is 161, meaning that they typed 161 words in that time period. 161 words divided by 2 minutes is 80.5, meaning that their speed was 80.5 WPM.

WPM can also be measured over a shorter period of time, such as 20 seconds. If one typed for 20 seconds and typed 185 characters (37 words), then dividing 37 words by 1/3 minutes results in a 111 WPM calculation. Here is the simple formula to calculate WPM:

(characters typed / 5) / (seconds typed / 60) = Words per Minute, or WPM.

WPM Zones

While racing, players are put into WPM zones depending on their speeds. In each WPM zone, each player can use one nitro per race. The zones are as follows:

1-10 WPM zone
11-20 WPM zone
21-25 WPM zone
26-30 WPM zone
31-35 WPM zone
36-40 WPM zone
41-45 WPM zone
46-50 WPM zone
51-55 WPM zone
56-60 WPM zone
61-65 WPM zone
66-70 WPM zone
71-80 WPM zone
81-90 WPM zone - Bot loading times speed up from this point on.
91-100 WPM zone
101-110 WPM zone - From this WPM zone up, it's 1 second per bot.
111-120 WPM zone
121-140 WPM zone - This is the first of 3 wpm zones that go by divisions of 20.
141-160 WPM zone
161-180 WPM zone
181+ WPM zone - Highest WPM zone possible.


  • The highest WPM anyone has ever obtained without cheating is chakk with a high speed of 240 WPM. Chakk obtained this high speed using the QWERTY keyboard layout. [1] Chakk had previously set records of 228, 233, and 236 before getting 240.
    • Before that, the highest speed on the site belonged to Rrraptor for over five months (221 WPM), and before that, Sean Wrona (212 wpm).
      • However, in the time since these records were set, the texts on Nitro Type have gotten easier. This probably contributed to the records being broken.
    • The highest WPM that was obtained without cheating on any layout other than QWERTY is John! with a high speed of 200 WPM. John obtained this high speed using the Dvorak keyboard layout, being the first person to do so with this layout. [2]
    • The highest certified WPM obtained with the use of only two fingers (referred to as the pecking method) belongs to PenguinTyper, with a high of 164 WPM. The previous two finger high speed belonged to ayeyuhskuh (now banned), at 162 WPM.
  • The world's average typing speed is 38-40 WPM.
  • With NT's shortened races, it's technically easier to get a high speed. Racers have less time to type, which means they can keep up a fast speed and not have to worry about pacing themselves for a full 40 seconds.
  • The average WPM of a racer is based on their last 10 races; however, a guest racer's average speed is only based on their last race.
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