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Hi, and this is a goodbye for me.

I simply feel I can't be playing games (Or Typing Games) now that I have school and it is really important to me. So I will need to stop and concentrate on my school stuff. That's why I am quitting NT and NT wiki. Before you ask why and freak out, let me talk in more detail below.

Why I am quitting NT Wiki and what are future plans:

- There is no point in doing it even though I made lots of friends :) And I will remember you all!

Future plans:

Planning to check back in the summer, and also in Christmas, when it is Christmas break

Why I am quitting NT and what are future plans:

- I can't improve, meaning I can't type any faster and it is getting really boring for me

- There is literally nothing new, or anything that interests me to go race

Future plans:

Hoping to even finish this season but don't think so

Going to participate in the Christmas Season (a little bit) and the Summer Season (a little bit)

Basically I mean, I technically kinda quit.

@Chairman Meow, if you are reading this, you can feel free to kick me out of the team if I am a burden to you guys. If I can stay, thank you.

So to all of my friends, thank you, and I appreciate a lot the times we talked together :)

Goodbye guys, until we see again, and I will miss you all! Stay safe :) <3