Nitro type is a typing game that was created by It was created on October 8 2011.

The point of this game is to Type. Nitros can make you skip words. You can only use three per race and to use them push enter. Each race is approximately 40 seconds long. You are put with four other people your speed. After each race it will show your speed, accuracy, nitros you’ve used, name and team if you’ve joined one. There are about 30 cars you can earn from achievements and 40 from the Dealership. There are more from Events. There are three events that I know of year round. The summer event, the winter event and the shortest event, Halloween. At level 20 you can chat on the news every 15 minutes and at level 7 you can go to your profile and create your own display name as long as it is not currently being used. But watch out! You can be banned for 62 years for doing these things: 1. asking for money and being banned from commenting on the news. 2. Inappropriate display name being banned from the website. 3. HACKING will be banned for 62 years. Now let’s go over the tabs. There are 10 of them.

The first is race. In race your type races against racers your typing speed. After the race if you push the little x in the middle right then it will show all the racers and a settings button. The setting button can help the performance or the fps. You can click each profile after the race and it will show its public stats. There will be two button if he doesn’t have a team, friend request and team request.The second tab is garage. It shows your name, team letters, cars and that other good stuff.

The third tab is Stats. It shows how fast your average wpm is (in the last ten races), how much money you've earned, and how much money you've spent. It also shows your rank in 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and season.

The fourth tab is dealership. This is where you buy stuff from nitro money you earn from racing. You can buy nitros and cars. The cars are very expensive! The fifth tab is friends. In this tab you can race with your friends, see what they’re doing and give them cash!

In the sixth tab you can join a team and even create a team for 5 million! If you’re on a team the you can check the stats of the team. In the seventh one is achievements. There are lots of achievements. Lots of them are easy but lots of them are hard like the 150,000 race car, the Mercedex McLaro SHS 15.0. The events will also bring new achievements. The eighth tab will show the leaderboards for 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and season. It also shows the hall of fame and best teams. It will always show the top 100 for each of these.

The ninth one will show news. The news is usually an update or an event is near. You can chat on the news every 15 minutes. Be aware of what you say! The last one is support. If you have questions then go there! The other thing that you need to know is the wampus will have a rat car and very rarely, he will join a race. He will join always in the last slot. If you beat him the you get 50,000 cash! To learn more go to nitro wikipedia.

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