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Hello! I'm PlantstoDraw (you can call me Plants) and I've been a member of this wiki since 2017 when I started NT. I spend most of my time here managing/watching the Discussions Board. I write the discussions posts that include leaks for upcoming seasons, though I try to make them interactive, fun, and witty as well. Feel free to message me on discord; my user is Radians#0180. If you want to learn some random facts about me and NT, feel free to scroll down.

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Information about me (and NT)

While I am mostly retired from playing NT, and fully retired from competitive NT, I do reside on my home team ORCA and complete the majority of my season races on the last two days of the season, grinding 100-200 races on each of those days.

I have received the Wiki Hero! achievement for being a staff member of this wiki, in addition to Olympic Silver Medalist for getting second place in the accuracy section of the NT olympics.


I was newsbanned (at one point) and I was banned from NT. However, I am now unbanned, but all of my cash was stripped from me when I was. I am not sure who unbanned me or what they saw that made them unban me.

Me on the Wiki

On this wiki, I was the first person to get the edit 60 days in a row badge.

On November 12, 2019 I was awarded Wiki Hero!. Unfortunately I do not have the achievement on the wiki itself (because when I came back from vacation I was too lazy to look at the wiki and played, lost my 110 day streak).

I joined on September 27th 2017 and became a moderator on September 30th 2017. I was promoted to admin on April 14 2021.

Stats (incorrect)

Total Races: 5000

Gold Medals: 3,086

Silver Medals: 1206

Bronze Medals: 370

Nitros Used: 6600

Every Year.....

Races from May 16 (date of joining) to January 28 (date of banning): 2,422

Races from February 19 (date I found out I was unbanned) to May 16: 1157

Races from then to May 16 (two year anniversary) (end of day): 9759

Races on May 16 (three year anniversary) (end of day): total - 25972

King of the Race

Mini Sherman: June 11, 2018 (1421 races since May 16)

Corsair: February 14, 2019 (Valentines♡Corsair)

XD this is so outdated, though at least I found out the date I was banned, unbanned, and when I got my sherman since I forgot

I was going to go for my Pirc around Thanksgiving or Halloween, but because I started to race less during August (and news comments were removed), I didn't even get it until 2:09 PM

Pirc: January 1, 2020 (First_Pirc_of_2020)

Because of Covid, I grinded 6k races during Spring of 2020 (4k in April), but after this I solely did the minimum races required in a season to get all of the ranks/tiers. As such, I didn't get the wach until 2:47 pm on -

Wach: April 1, 2021

Most Active

  • April 2020: 4205 races
  • 1000 races in two weeks
  • April 14: 292
  • May 7: 249
  • March 2019: 2009 races
  • April 2019: 1770 races
  • June 2018: 1225 (used phone for some time)
  • December 2018: 1057 races

Highest session

  1. 870 races (finished around 9pm 7/14/19)
  2. 349 races (finished around 2am 7/11/19)
  3. 300 races (finished 7:30am 7/18/19)

My activity greatly declined after V3 came out on June 5, 4:12 PM EDT.

In fact, in September and October I barely raced at all, and in December I started out strong, and lost interest very fast.

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