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Hi, I’m Justin! I’m an active member of this wiki that joined on April 4th, 2020. I’ll try to help the wiki a little bit every day- small things add up quickly! I’ll also try not to make hurtful/offensive comments or start arguments.

I’m aware that there aren’t always very many comments on the wiki’s blog posts, but I do read them. So chances are if you write a blog post, I or another user will come across it sometime.

If you want to use a picture from my wiki profile, you can, but I would prefer it if you ask before you do it.


Finishing the race super sloppily for the win...but it’s still a win!

My 1,000th race

Logged in just before the mystery box’s arrival!

A strange glitch. The bottom part of the image was the normal font, and the top part was the glitched font.

Getting the Corsair

8 XP to Level Up

My monthly speed stats as of September 2020

The nitro animation replaced with the “HA HA HA” animation on the test track

Cars I Created

1. XMaxx Lacan, 3/18/21

Here are some of the cars I made. A few of the cars I didn’t want aren’t on here, but I kept the majority of them. I mostly just use parts from other Nitro Type cars to make new ones. I also base a lot of car names off of the car names in NT. The dates on the cars are the last time the car itself was changed. I’ve changed some of the car names and backgrounds after the written date.

2. Chompus’s X-Treme Ride, 3/18/21

3. Nitro Rider, 3/20/21

4. The Tater Hauler, 3/19/21

5. Spike Speeder, 3/20/21

6. The Golden Wave, 3/20/21

7. Hoverboard Heat, 3/21/21

8. Neon Crawler, 3/21/21

9. Tigreen Truck, 3/21/21

10. Flying Jet Bus, 3/22/21

11. Red Rocket Racecar, 3/23/21

12. Santa’s Lit Ride, 3/23/21

13. Classic Pumpkin, 3/23/21

14. Corsair 5000, 3/24/21

15. The Nitro Prism, 3/25/21