For a list of notable teams, please see Teams.

Before Nitro Type made Teams an official part of the game, Teams were known as Clans and were 100% user implemented. Clans were not really rewarding on the game itself. With the new feature Teams the teams compete in Seasons, though not every team is competitive.

How to Join a Team

Read about each team and its requirements. Apply to any team that appeals to you (and that you meet the requirements for) by typing[The team's 2-4 letter tag] in your browser's search bar. That will lead you to the team's page, where you may apply and hopefully get accepted.

Creating a Team

Before making a team, you must be above level 20 and have $5,000,000 or more. To create a team, make sure you are not on a team. Then go to this link. Then, pick your team tag. This will be what displays in front of your name and also display in front of everyone else on your team's name, and will ultimately be what your team is known as. Then, pick a name for your team. Then, pick your team tag color. This is the color that your team tag will be. Then, pick the minimum level and speed that users must meet if they wish to join your team. You can then add other requirements of your choice. Then, enter your password, and click create team.

Nitro Type Teams 2.0 Updates

On May 15, 2015, Teams 2.0 was released. Here is a list of updates:

Officers: Teams captains (which was formerly known as team leaders) can appoint team officers, to a maximum of five officers. Along with what a standard member can do, team officers can invite people to their team and update the MotD. Team captains, in addition to what team officers can do, they can edit team requirements, add or remove team officers, and remove team members.

Kicks: Officers are no longer allowed to kick people out of their teams due to a incident that happened to team OBXY. You can read more about that here.

Invitation to Team: Team captains and officers can now invite teamless racers to their team, even if they don't necessarily meet the speed or level requirements. This is especially useful if you want to invite someone who is really active to your team. It is also useful in the sense that then your team can get noticed on the leaderboards.

MotD: MotD stands for Message of the Day. This is a message that team officers and team captains can post, and it is private only to the team. The same rules for the MotD apply as for posting on the news or changing your display name. Only one MotD can be posted per hour.

Team Status Updates

Team Status Updates are a feature added to Nitro Type on May 27, 2017. This feature allows you to inform your team what you are doing and such, but it can only be updated every 12 hours.