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Nitro Type Support is a feature of the site where you can look at frequently asked questions about Nitro Type, or email the admins if your question still wasn't answered.

Common Questions

About Nitro Type

Who made Nitro Type?

Nitro Type was built by, the maker of Nitro Math, and these other great typing games.

What is Gold Membership?

Gold Membership is an optional, upgraded membership level of your Nitro account. This membership gives several extra benefits, and supports the Nitro Type team to continue updates.


When I race, why does the track turn black?

Occasionally there are random computer problems that can cause this. Before contacting support, please first:

  1. Reboot your computer and try again.
  2. Try switching to a different web browser.

I keep getting disqualified for inactivity while typing in a race.

Unfortunately this can happen if your network or internet connection is not very reliable, or you are behind a Proxy server (for instance at a school). Also, if you are using Internet Explorer, you can move to a better browser like Google Chrome or Firefox and this will often fix the problem as well.

Account Issues

My account was banned!

We will ban accounts for:

  • abusing the support form
  • using an offensive display, username, or team name
  • any other reason that impacts our user's experiences or site performance... just to name a few. You will be automatically banned without warning, full stop.

If you are a Nitro Gold member or believe the ban was in error, you may reach out to support. However, a ban removal is at the discretion of the admins in all cases and you may not receive a response if the ban stands.

I forgot the password to my account!

We can not verify account ownership unless you have an e-mail address set under the "Account" tab in your account settings and that is the one you are contacting us from. Without that verification, we are unable to give you your password over e-mail.

I use Google, Facebook, or Clever sign in but I want a standard username and password now.

If you sign in using one of our single sign-on (SSO) options such as Google, Facebook, or Clever, your password is handled by those services.

However, you may request to switch to a standard username and password login. We will only grant this request if we are contacted directly from the account itself or are provided a validated email address linked to the account in question.

Someone accessed my account and spent my Nitro Cash... can I have it back?

The only way an account can be accessed is if someone has the password or accesses your account while it is left logged into on a shared computer. If you are using a shared computer at school be sure to log out of Nitro Type every time you are done. Otherwise, keep your password unique and private. These are the best way to prevent others from accessing your account.

However, if money was spent and cars sold we can not recover the missing nitro cash or replace your lost cars, they will have to be bought or earned back.

Using Nitro Type

How do I send messages or chat with other players?

Friends Races allow canned chat (pre-defined messages) for simple communication, however unfortunately we are unable to provide open chat due to restrictions in schools, which are a large user of Nitro Type.

How do I stop the music or sound effects while racing?

On the top left of the race track are two small buttons to control music and sound FX.

Bugs, Cheaters, and Freebies

I found a bug! How can I report it?

Please let us know using the form below. Please be as descriptive as possible about any problems, including letting us know how we can replicate the problem if possible.

I found a cheater. What can I do?

Don't worry, our anti-cheat system detects every cheater and automatically bans their accounts. In the very unlikely event you see the same cheater multiple times, please reach out to our support team. We may not immediately respond, but we read all messages and will take appropriate action.

Can I have free money, cars, etc.?

Nope, sorry! You will have to race to earn those!

The Support Form

If your question wasn't in the FAQs, or you found a bug in the game, you will have to use the support form. Here, you are asked for your real name, email, the page that you found the bug (if it is a bug that you are emailing them about) and what your letter is regarding (General Question, Suggestion, Cheating Player, Missing Stuff, Bug, or Other).

NOTE: This page is found on Nitro Type, not here on the wiki.