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The stats page.

The stats page is a page that shows a player's most recent races, how many races have been done by the player within the last certain timeframes, their total races, their average speed, money earned and spent, their current and longest sessions, the amount of nitros they have used, total medals, etc.


Race Records

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Race Records

Under the "Race Records" heading, three squares can be found. Each of them show different types of statistics. The first one shows the user's average speed, highest speed obtained, and nitros used. The second square shows the user's total races, as well as their current and longest sessions. The third square shows cash statistics, such as the total cash spent by the player, as well as their current cash balance.

Race Summary

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Race Summary

The "Race Summary" shows the amount of races that the player has done, along with their average speed and accuracy, within the last 24 hours and during the current season. Before Seasons were released, the "Season" column was just "All Time" and it showed the amount of races that had been completed ever since the user had created their account.

Race Logs


Race Logs

The "Race Logs" are three different line graphs that document race averages.

Viewing full race history (last 90 days)

For all three graphs, the "View Your Full Race History" link leads to a page with the exact same graph, along with a table below it with more detailed data depending on which graph was selected when clicking on the link. For example, if the "Day" graph was selected, clicking "View Your Full Race History" will contain that same graph, and then a table listing off the last 30 (or 90 days, for Gold Members) days the user has raced on Nitro Type, with the columns having other details such as races per day, average placement, average speed, cash earned, time spent racing, etc. Gold Members have the ability to download this data as a CSV file.

View By

Under the "View By" heading, there are three different options: "Race Logs", "Day", and "Month".

"Race Logs" is the default option that is preselected. Race Logs shows the last 30 races done by a player. If they have done less than 3 races, the graph appears empty.

When the "Day" option is selected, the graph of the last 30 days one has raced is shown.

The "Month" option shows every month that the user has raced. This graph in particular is well liked among players because it accurately displays typing improvement.


The stats page originally appeared after an update to the garage in March 2014. Before the stats page came to existence, the stats were simply shown at the bottom of the garage. After the update, the stats and garage became two separate pages. [1]

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