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Shadow XMaxx Tree is a Holiday Car.

If used during an XMaxx Event, you will earn 50% extra cash and XP from each race.

The Shadow XMaxx Tree is a car that could be obtained either by completing the All Thru The Night achievement, which required racing 300 times in a session with a holiday car during the 2012 Xmaxx Event, or by completing the It's Back!!! achievement, which required completing 500 races with a holiday car during the 2018 Xmaxx Event.


The car can be "painted" just like any other vehicle, but all the painted versions are the same as the unpainted car. Thus, while the car is technically paintable, every possible paint job looks exactly the same.


  • It is the only one-colored vehicle. 
  • At only 28 original owners, it was the rarest event car of all time prior to its re-release in 2018.
  • Nitro Type admins Travis and KristenSmith own this car without completing the requirements for it.

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