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Seasons are one to three-month periods of time during which racers are rewarded with cars, titles, and cash for ranking up, which can be done by completing races.



A bonus tier, a free tier, and a regular tier. Bonus and free tiers have something signifying what tier they are, while regular tiers do not.

One's current season progress can be viewed by going to the season page, which shows what their current season rank is, as well as how close they are to the next one. In addition, clicking on a tier shows the reward for it, as well as a description.

There are three types of tiers:

  1. Bonus tiers, which have a single requirement of being a Gold Member,
  2. Free tiers, which can be earned by anyone, and
  3. Regular tiers, which have two requirements, one of which is being a gold member.

All tiers, besides bonus tiers, require races to be completed in order to be earned. However, Travis has stated that in the future, tiers will instead require XP to be earned instead. XP per race will be determined by a variety of factors.


Additionally, there is also a leaderboard for each season where racers and teams can compete for top spots. However, the season leaderboard does not give any rewards. Previously, instead of rewards being given out for completing season achievements or ranking up, the rewards in seasons depended on one's position on the season leaderboard. Titles that were given out depended on one's or one's team's place on the leaderboard by the end of the season.


On September 22, 2016, Season 0.5 was released. This was a prototype of the new scoreboards. The old speed and races scoreboards were replaced with a new points system, that combines speed, accuracy, and races into a single score. The algorithm for how many points one earns in a single race is as follows:

(100 + (wpm / 2)) · accuracy / 100

The release of these new scoreboards pushed the Nitro Type admins to wipe out the fastest team scoreboards, and both of the all-time scoreboards.

In December 2018, during Season 18, it was announced that the season rewards would be changed so that rewards would no longer be handed out for leaderboard placement. Season 19 became the first season to follow this new system; no rewards were given out. There were no rewards for Season 20, however, Season 21 introduced a brand new rewards system that has been used for seasons since.

Starting in Season 26, achievements stopped having session and nitro requirements and the only requirement for achievements was just to complete races. Additionally, the admins began to increase the amount of gold-only achievements.

In a news post posted on February 27, 2020, Travis announced that more season achievement rewards would soon be added aside from the usual cars, titles, and cash. He stated that they would eventually be adding earnable emojis for use on the track (similar to the preexisting friend race emojis), custom nitro animations, sound effects, and trails. Season 27, which began on April 8, 2020, was the first season to include stickers.

On May 20, 2020, a brand new Season page was released. The season page portrayed the season achievements in a different way, and made it so that rewards were given out via ranking up, rather than earning an achievement.

All season rewards

Individual rewards

Team rewards

Season 13

Individual rewards

Team rewards

  • 1st Place: "Alpha PAC" title + $3,000,000 per member
  • 2nd Place: "Beta PAC" title + $2,000,000 per member
  • 3rd Place: "Gamma PAC" title + $1,000,000 per member
  • 4-10th Place: "PAC Contender" title + $500,000 per member

Individual rewards

Team rewards

No rewards were given.

No rewards were given.

All season cars


Before season rewards began to revolve around achievements, they were criticized due to being too repetitive (which was a result of the admins never changing the leaderboard titles). Seasons also received backlash from claims of admins "rigging" seasons (such as seasons 1 and 14) due to bias. Today, however, dislike towards seasons mainly comes from them replacing events despite seasons having much less effort put into them.

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