Seasons are 1-2 month competitions on Nitro Type. The winners are rewarded differently for different seasons. Rewards will include cars, titles, cash, etc.

On September 22, 2016, a prototype of the new scoreboards was released. The old speed and races scoreboards were replaced with a new points system, that combines speed, accuracy, and races into a single score.

The algorithm for how many points one earns in a single race is as follows: (100 + (wpm / 2))×acc/100

The release of these scoreboards pushed the NT admins to wipe out fastest team scoreboards, and both of the all-time scoreboards.

In December 2018, it was announced that the season rewards would be changed so that rewards would no longer be handed out for placement. Season 19 became the first season to follow this new system; no rewards were given out for placement, or races done. There are currently no rewards for season 20.

The season rewards are as follows.

Season Rewards

Seasons 1-12; Seasons 14-18

Individual Rewards

Team Rewards

Season 13 (PAC Event)

Individual Rewards

Team Rewards

  • 1st Place: "Alpha PAC" Title + $3,000,000 per member
  • 2nd Place: "Beta PAC" Title + $2,000,000 per member
  • 3rd Place: "Gamma PAC" Title + $1,000,000 per member
  • 4-10th Place: "PAC Contender" Title + $500,000 per member