9 large 1
9 large 1

This is exclusive to New Members or Guest Racers.


The Rental Car is a car for guest racers and cannot be obtained, bought, or sold by registered users.


  • This and the Wampus are the only two cars that cost $0.
  • There is a known glitch in which a new account can keep the Rental Car by quitting the qualifying race after making an account and starting/entering a friend race.
  • Interestingly, there is a skin for this car, but Travis has since stated that this was a mistake by NT's car designer.
  • This car was skinned for the spring cars when the event was released too early and the car images were unavailable. The cars that were affected were Teggsla, Egg Beater, Eggcedes, and Egg Hauler.
    • There have been some tests done to prove that it is just skinned in for guest racers, rather than being actually given.
    • One user once jokingly asked for the Rental Car, and Travis responded that the game would automatically take away the car, further confirming this.

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