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Events have recently been discontinued in favor of Seasons. Learn more about their history and event cars....>>>>


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Did you know....

  • ...that the Ponce de Leon was formerly the General Beauregard?
  • ...that all of the paint jobs for the Shadow Xmaxx Tree are the same?
  • ...that the maximum cash that one can obtain from doing a single race is $96,480?
  • ...that the Join the Fun achievement can only be seen when a user is logged in?
  • ...that The Wampus has the most profile views out of any player?
  • ...that many special achievements can technically be achieved by reaching level 999,999 and racing 999,999 days in a row?
  • ...that all of the cars in the 2012 Xmaxx Event have been re-released at some point?
  • ...that PenguinTyper is the only person with the achievement Verified YouTuber even though he doesn't meet the achievement requirements himself?
  • ...that Travis was born on October 8, 1987?
  • ...that TheCorndog's user ID is 44, even though he was the first person to create an account?


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Season 26 Has Rolled Out!

The XMaxx Season brought a blast of joy and everyone on the Nitro Type team had a twinkle in their eye seeing you merry-racers out on the track. And we want to send a warm welcome to all our new Nt-gold-icon Gold Members who took advantage of our first ever sale! You’re going to love all the perks of being Gold!

Read the full article here....>>>>


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