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Trails are animations that can be seen on the track and in player garages that will "trail" behind one's car. They can be collected through achievements and the Shop, and can be equipped with the Customizer. Only one trail can be equipped at a time, and it can be unequipped by selecting the "No Trail" option.

Below is a table with all of the available trails, in order of ID. Click on the images to view the full-sized trails.

Name Image Availability Achievement/
Gold Exclusive? ID
Binary 1618243631.png
Shop N/A No 446
Bits 1618062739.png
Default N/A No 447
Car Parts
Car parts 1618243586.png
Shop N/A No 448
Cash Money
Cash money 1618243578.png
Cash Store Buy Nitro Cash No 449
Chains 1618243566.png
Shop N/A No 450
Cheeseburger 1618243557.png
Shop N/A No 451
Chroma 1618243545.png
Shop N/A No 452
Confetti 1618243534.png
Season 35 Tier 9 No 453
Feathers 1618243521.png
Shop N/A No 454
Fire 1618062911.png
Shop N/A No 455
Fireworks 1618243499.png
Shop N/A No 456
Fish 1618243491.png
Shop N/A No 457
Flowers 1618243477.png
Shop N/A No 458
Frosty 1618243644.png
Shop N/A No 459
Hotdog 1618243468.png
Shop N/A No 461
Lightning 1618243446.png
Shop N/A No 463
Music Notes
Music notes 1618243429.png
Shop N/A No 464
Painter Spray
Painter spray 1618243417.png
Shop N/A No 465
Polyshape 1618243407.png
Shop N/A No 466
Popcorn 1618243398.png
Shop N/A No 467
Rainbow 1618243390.png
Shop N/A No 468
Sand 1618415049.png
Shop N/A No 469
Smoke 1618063400.png
N/A N/A No 470
Sushi 1618243360.png
Shop N/A No 471
Tiny Cars
Tiny cars 1618243346.png
Shop N/A No 472
Please Like
Ytsub 1618065442.png
Special Sauce Please Like No 474
Puff 1618414905.png
Default N/A No 475
Shock 1618414936.png
Default N/A No 476
Lovely 1618414960.png
Default N/A No 477
Dust 1618414981.png
Default N/A No 478
Gold 1618415019.png
Gold Membership Raining Gold Yes 479
Train tracks 1620418631.png
Shop N/A No 502
Travel Trailer
Astrailer 1622305002.png
Season 34 Tier 29 Yes 513
Beachball 1622305073.png
Season 34
Tier 12 No 514
Burnout 1622305130.png
Season 34
Tier 8 No 515
Shark 1622305166.png
Season 34 Tier 20 Yes 516
Chroma Keys
Chromakeys 1629552104.png
Season 35 Tier 13 No 544
Gold Stars
Goldstars 1629552180.png
Season 35 Tier 15 No 545
Yellow Crayon
Drawing crayon 1629552289.png
Season 35 Tier 22 Yes 546
Sportsball 1629552399.png
Season 35 Tier 31 Yes 547
Tiny Paper Planes
Tiny paper planes 1629552451.png
Season 35 Tier 6 Yes 548

All existing animations in use before 16th April, 2021


Trails made their debut during the 2015 Halloween Event when the admins decided to give everyone "a little taste of the upcoming trails feature," originally intended to be released at the end of the event. They returned for every subsequent Halloween/Hallowampus event. In those events, a trail appeared in every race if the player was using a Halloween car. On May 2, 2019, trails were released to all users, but with a randomized chance of them appearing behind them. On April 16, 2021, trails were released to Gold Members via the Raining Gold achievement. Trails were available to the general public on April 18, 2021, being detailed in a news post on that very same day.

2.0 Trails spritesheet


  • Nitro Type admins, Penguin Typer, and The Wampus were the only users that had full access to this feature and could use it whenever they wanted before the Gold Trail was released on April 16th, 2021.
  • The Wampus originally used the smoke trail, but that was changed later on to the flame trail after the release of Nitro Type 2.0.
    • After The Wampus was animated on October 18, 2020, he no longer had any trails equipped.
  • Prior to April 18, 2021, it was confirmed that trails have a 1/150 chance of appearing behind a player's car during a race.
  • On April 10, 2021, Penguin Typer received a custom trail for his success on YouTube and the growth of his channel.
  • Tim equipped a trail on April 11, 2021.
  • When the Cash Money trail was added, there was a bug that left the Buy Nitro Cash achievement incomplete even if players had purchased cash, forcing them to email support to get the trail. This was resolved within a couple of days, and the trail was distributed retroactively.
  • There was a bug that, when in the Customizer, if you switch quickly between two trails, the trail you chose and the trail which appears will be mismatched.
  • Season 34 - Summer Trails was the first season to have trails as a rewardable loot item, with four trails available.