The default loot page.

The Loot page is the page on Nitro Type where one can view and equip certain collectibles to be used in races. Currently, the only kind of loot available is stickers; however, the admins have stated that there will be more types of loot coming soon, with one example being trails.


Stickers on Track

Stickers as seen on the track.

Stickers are an alternative to the chat seen in friend races. They can be collected through achievements and season rewards and, once equipped, can be sent before the start of a race. Sent stickers can be seen by anyone on the race track and are displayed in a speech bubble next to one's car.

Below is a table with all of the available stickers, in order of ID.

Name Image Achievement/


Achievement Section Gold Exclusive? ID
Default N/A No 1
Good Luck!
Good Luck!
Default N/A No 2
Default N/A No 3
Good Race!
Good Race!
Default N/A No 4
Nice Car!
Nice Car!
Default N/A No 5
Rad Rex
Rad Rex
Rank 21 Season 27 Yes 6
Speed Kitty
Speed Kitty
Rank 14 Season 27 Yes 7
Summer Vibes
Summer Vibes - Sticker
Rank 4 Season 27 No 8
Rank 9 Season 27 Yes 9
Peace & Love
Peace & Love
Rank 16 Season 27 No 10
Nitro Gold
Nitro Gold
Show That Gold! Nitro Type Gold Yes 11
Hehehehe Special Sauce No 12
Wampus World
Sticker 1593628364
Rank 5 Season 28 No 13
Sticker 1593628458
Rank 10 Season 28 Yes 14
Nitro Balloon
Sticker 1593628545
Rank 15 Season 28 Yes 15
GG Ticket
Sticker 1593628585
Rank 17 Season 28 No 16
Fist Bump
Sticker 1593628628
Rank 19 Season 28 Yes 17
Finish Line
Sticker 1593628661
Rank 22 Season 28 Yes 18
Sticker 1593875836
Bonus Tier Season 28 Yes 19


  • When stickers first became a form of Loot, Laugh was was sticker ID 1, and Shock was sticker ID 2. A few days later, these stickers were replaced with Hey! and Good Luck!. Currently, Laugh and Shock are unobtainable.
  • A Shadow Floaty sticker (under the name ";D") became the first custom sticker on May 7th, 2020. It was released for a select few members, Jacob (who designed Shadow Floaty), Vielle and PenguinTyper, after they pushed for a Shadow Floaty car to be released into Nitro Math, though the actual suggestion as a car into the game was denied.
  • Before stickers were introduced as a form of Loot and became usable on the main race track, a standard set of stickers was available, but they were only usable in friend races.
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