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Kringle 4000 is a Holiday Car.

If used during an XMaxx Event, you will earn 50% extra cash and XP from each race.


Not to be confused with Kringle 4000 XL, the upgraded model.

The Kringle 4000 is a car that could be obtained by completing the Move Over Rudolph achievement, which required racing 100 times in a session with a holiday car during the 2014 Xmaxx Event, or by completing the #kringled achievement, which required racing 150 times with a holiday car during the 2017 Xmaxx Event.


  • Its variant, the Kringle 4000 XL, was also released during the 2014 Xmaxx Event.
  • Like the Nasa Shuttle and the Rocket Man, it appears to be modeled after a rocket.
  • Nitro Type admin KristenSmith and former admin JeffSenna own this car without completing the requirements for it.
  • The name is based on the Kringle 3000 from the movie Elf.

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