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The section of the garage where player info is shown (gold member version)

Non gold garage

The section of the garage where player info is shown (non-gold member version)

The Garage is the page that the site redirects to upon login. When logged in, one is able to rearrange, sell, paint, and switch their cars. Other things a player is able to do in the garage includes looking at their current title, how much exp they need until the next level, collecting mystery boxes, accessing the loot page, and buying cash. It is also possible to start a friend race or simply just a regular race.


The section of the garage where cars are "parked." Users can choose the car they wish to use here.

Garage sections

Garages consist of thirty spaces for a person’s cars. People with more than thirty cars will end up having multiple garage sections. After filling the entire garage, a new 30-spaced section will appear.

Having more than one garage section and selling cars to the point of owning less than 30 cars will not result in the excessive sections disappearing; they stay at the bottom of the garage regardless of conditions. The maximum possible amount of garage sections without using any exploits is 7.

Garage updates

Prior to March 29, 2014, players were unable to rearrange the cars in their garage. Instead, cars showed up alphabetically ordered in small boxes. This changed after an update in which the garage was reformatted. [1]

On June 5, 2019, as part of the site-wide redesign of Nitro Type v3, a new garage look was released. It included the new colors used by Nitro Type, as well as larger buttons and the ability to paint cars in the garage rather than the Dealership. The mystery box's opening animation was also changed, as well as the design. The features of the heading itself were also changed, where the name and title are displayed, top 3 badge, and other commodities (cash, nitros, XP).

On February 10, 2020, an update was made that allows users to click on the gold logo that appears on Gold Members' profiles to make fireworks that explode into gold confetti appear. Next, any user's selected car can be clicked ten times to make an explosion of tiny versions of that car appear. Lastly, clicking on the cash icon next to one's cash will result in several bundles of cash exploding out of it. All three things can be done on public profiles or in one's personal garage.

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