The section of the garage where player info is shown

The garage is the page you are redirected to when you log into Nitro Type. When logged in, you are able to rearrange, sell, and switch cars. You are also able to see your title, how much exp you need until the next level, collect mystery boxes, buy cash, and sell nitros. You can also start a race or a friends race here instead of clicking on the Racing tab or going to the Friends page and clicking on “Start a Friends Race”.


The section of the garage where cars are parked

Garages consist of thirty spaces. People with more than thirty cars will end up having multiple garage sections. After filling your entire garage, a new 30-spaced section will appear. The maximum possible garage size is currently 6 garage sections.

If you have more than one garage section, and you sell cars to the point of owning less than 30 cars, the excessive sections will not disappear unless you move the cars into one section. An empty section in your garage won't go away if there is at least one car in the section below it (example). If the user shown in the example moved his Minnie the Cooper into his fifth garage section, the sixth garage section would disappear.

Garage Update

Prior to March 29, 2014, you were unable to rearrange the cars in your garage. Instead, your cars showed up alphabetically ordered in small boxes. This changed after an update in which the garage was reformatted. [1]