Experience is earned from racing and opening mystery boxes. Earning enough experience levels up the racer. The levels require more and more experience as a player continues to advance. Experience is referred to as Experience, Exp, and XP.

How To Earn Experience

There are two ways that you can earn Experience.

Mystery Boxes


Mystery Boxes can give you a range of different amounts of experience. This range increases as your level increases. If you get your mystery box every day for a while you will get more XP.


During a race, you earn cash, along with experience. This can range from about 1,000 to 3,000. During events, you receive either 25% or 50% more experience.


What is Experience Used For?

Experience is used to level up in the game. As you reach higher levels, more experience is needed to level up. The total amount of experience that you have is marked in your garage, right next to your level.


You can show off your experience to your friends, and boast a higher level.

Certain cars in the Dealership need you to be a certain level (certain amount of experience) in order to unlock them.