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The XP bar as shown in the garage.

Experience, EXP, or XP is earned from racing and opening mystery boxes. Once a player collects enough XP, they level up. The more that a player levels up, they will need to get more XP to level up further.

Obtaining Experience


Experience collected from a mystery box

There are two ways one can earn XP.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes, which can be collected every 21 hours, can potentially give a range of different amounts of XP. The amount of XP that a player earns is proportional to both their current level and how much progress they've made towards the next level.



Experience as seen in the results screen after a race.

After each race, XP is earned depending on where you place in the race. If a player wins the race, they receive 1,100 XP, for second place they earn 1,050 XP, for third, they earn 1,030 XP, and for fourth and fifth, they earn 1,000 XP. During events, racers could receive either 25% or 50% bonus XP, depending on the type of event.

Uses for Experience

  • XP is used to level up. The higher a level you are, the more XP you require to level up.
  • Some things require certain level requirements to do.
    • You can complete certain achievements by leveling up.
    • Certain Dealership Cars require a certain level to unlock.
    • You must be at least Level 7 to change your display name.
    • You must be at least Level 5 to start a team, along with the $50,000 registration fee.
    • You must be at least Level 20 to purchase Nitro Gold for yourself.
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