Not to be confused with Teams.

As of June 2014 Clans are called Teams and are officially part of Nitro Type.

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Clans in Nitro Type are a group of people that like to group together. They talk to each other and help each other on finding out all of the secret achievements. Some of them are friends in real life. They identify themselves with two to four letters at the beggining of their screen name. Beware! There are also impostors who are wannabes, so make sure you keep track of all of your members. Here are all the "registered," or "known," clans:

How to Get into One of the Clans

Getting into one of these is just simple as just asking them to join. But most of the clans have requirements. After all, they take in the best players. Some clans just ask for a certain achievement or car, but some ask for speed and activeness, such as NTM asks for 100+ WPM and lots of activeness too. However, you can't get in some clans at all! For example, The Pirc is unavailable to recruit due to Carrie just wanting it so she can identify her accounts. Some clans you can't ask to get into. They have to invite you.

How to Make a Clan

It's simple enough. Just think of a clan name, a three or four letter symbol, and you're done. All you need to do is set requirements and post about recruiting people on the blog or forums of Nitro Type! Then, when people ask you for them to join, all you do is just look at their profile and see if they meet your requirements. If they do, they're in! If they don't, ask them to type more and wait for a few months and ask again. If you already have some members, you can consult your members if you want someone to join.