Cars are an essential part of NitroType as they are what ultimately make NitroType's goals worth achieving. NitroType's official signature car as seen in apps and the failure to find a page screen is the Lamborgotti Mephisto but with a darker shade of red that is not available in the paint jobs.

Cars can be bought in the dealership, earned by completing achievements, or received as a daily Mystery Box reward. They can be sold from your garage for 60% of the buying price, and painted in the dealership for 15% of the buying price, or 25% of the selling price.


The error screen featuring a crashed Lamborgotti Mephisto with a stop sign.


Official NitroType logo as seen on the Facebook site.

Dealership Cars

Starter Cars

Sport Coupes

(Unlocked at level 3)

Muscle Cars

(Unlocked at level 8)

Sport Cars

(Unlocked at level 10)


(Unlocked at level 15)

Luxury Cars

(Unlocked at level 20)

Super Luxury Cars

(Unlocked at level 25)

Exotic Cars

(Unlocked at level 30)


(Unlocked at level 33)

Super Sport Cars

(Unlocked at level 35)

Race Cars

(Unlocked at level 40)

Flying Machines

(Unlocked at level 45)

Famous Cars

(Unlocked at level 50)

Achievement Cars

Nitro Type Gold Vehicles

Mystery Box Vehicles

Savings and Earnings Vehicles

Popularity Contest Vehicles

Hey Big Spender Vehicles

King of the Race Vehicles

Endurance Racing Vehicles

Cruisin' Back Vehicles

Hittin' the Track Vehicles

Winning Vehicles

Nitro Addiction Vehicles

Special Sauce Vehicles

Event Achievement Vehicles

Xmaxx Events

2012 Xmaxx Event

2013 Xmaxx Event

2014 Xmaxx Event

2015 Xmaxx Event

2016 Xmaxx Event

2017 Xmaxx Event

2018 Xmaxx Event

Summer Events

2013 Summer Event

2014 Summer Event

2015 Summer Event

2016 Summer Event

2017 Summer Event

2018 Surf n' Turf Event

Halloween Events

2013 Halloween Event

2014 Halloween Event

2015 Halloween Event

2016 Hallowampus Event

2017 Hallowampus Event

Spring Events

2018 Spring Fever Event

PAC Event

Back 2 School Events

2018 Back 2 School Event

Car IDs

Car Navbox

Daily Rewards/Cruisin' Back Vehicles

Car73 (1) Zonday Tricolore Car73 (1)91 large 1 Wisker Electric 91 large 196 large 1 Auttie R-8.1 96 large 1

Nitro Addiction Vehicles

21 large 1 Rand Rover R/T 21 large 1

Winning Vehicles

53 large 1 Rocket Man 53 large 1Largecar90 Fort_F-125 Largecar90

Hitting the Track Vehicles

New pizza Typiano Pizza Car New pizza

Privileged Cars

Badger Wampus BadgerTravis Travis' Car Travis104 large 1 Corndog's Car 104 large 1

170 large 1 Can hav nt g0ld plx 170 large 1172 large 1 Travis' Truck 172 large 1175 large 1 NT Gold 175 large 1

Thwampus (No ID)

Unfinished/Unreleased Cars

9 large 1 Rental Car 9 large 192 large 1 '67 Vette 92 large 193 large 1 MSG 01 93 large 1

94 large 1 Fort Stallion 94 large 1

Scrapped/Removed Cars

Car12 Scrapped Convertible Car1236 large 1 General Beauregard 36 large 1Car41 Qombee Car41