Cars are avatars that show a player's position in a race. Cars can be bought in the dealership with cash, earned by completing achievements, or received as a daily mystery box reward. They can be sold from the garage for 60% of the buying price, and can also be painted in the garage for 15% of the buying price (25% of the selling price).

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2018 Spring Fever Event

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Car IDs

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Daily Rewards/Cruisin' Back Vehicles

73 large 1 Zonday Tricolore 73 large 191 large 1 Wisker Electric 91 large 196 large 1 Auttie R-8.1 96 large 1

Nitro Addiction Vehicles

21 large 1 Rand Rover R/T 21 large 1

Winning Vehicles

53 large 1 Rocket Man 53 large 1Largecar90 Fort F-125 Largecar90

Hitting the Track Vehicles

52 large 1 Typiano Pizza Car 52 large 1

Unfinished/Unreleased Cars

Thwampus (No ID)

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