Bots in Nitro Type are not powered by regular players. A bot comes every 0-5 seconds where no new racer or bot has joined the race depending on one's speed range. The only bot this does not apply to is The Wampus which comes into the race instantly.

List of Bots

Ghost Racers

"Ghost racers" is a term that was coined by the community for racers who "race" regularly, yet their stats stay the same. Their join dates continually move closer and closer to the current date, despite the account creation date being years earlier. Despite the fact that ghost racers can be seen in races, the user(s) who created the accounts are not actually racing. Looking into the source code of ghost racers' profiles will find that despite their join dates being very recent, their most recent races were done prior to the year 2014.

Here is an example of a ghost racer. If you are in their WPM zone, you are likely to find them in a race sooner or later, yet their stats show that they have not done any races within the past month. As of December 11, 2018, their join date shows up as "November 30, 2018". Going to their profile now will show something more recent.

Ghost Racer Bot

A ghost racer being listed as a bot

It has been recently discovered that ghost racers are listed as bots on Nitro Type's realtime page in the admin panel.

It is unknown whether or not ghost racers are a glitch or a feature, or what causes them.

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