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1.0 Achievements

Achievements are objectives that can be completed by performing certain tasks. Once completed, an achievement's rewards can be claimed from the Achievements tab, which may include cash, titles, cars, or loot, along with some achievement points. The default achievements are categorized under one of twelve headings based on the achievement's requirements. For example, Big Spender is categorized under the Hey Big Spender category. Additional categories and achievements are added during events and seasons and often offer new and exclusive cars and titles, but these are exclusive to the specific event and will disappear if they are left incomplete. However, sometimes certain event achievements will become obtainable again in later events.

List of Achievements


* Means it is a hidden achievement.
 Means it was once a hidden achievement.
ξ Means the requirements to obtain it were changed at one point.
^ Means it is an unobtainable achievement that is not from an event.
β Means it had its achievement points values changed at one point.

Default Achievements

So Easy, Why Wait?

Nitro Type Gold

Savings and Earnings

Popularity Contest

Hey Big Spender

King of the Race

Endurance Racing

Cruisin' Back

Movin' On Up

Long Hauling

Nitro Addiction


Hitting The Track

Special Sauce

Event Achievements

Holiday Achievements

Happy Holidays! (2012)
Happy Holidays! (2013)
Happy Holidays! (2014)
Happy Holidays! (2015)
Happy Holidays! (2016)
Happy Holidays! (2017)
Happy Holidays! (2018)

Summer Achievements

Summer 2013!
Summer 2014!
Summer 2015!
Summer 2016!
Summer 2017!
Surf n' Turf 2018

Limited Achievements

Mascot Love!

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