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These are all the achievement cars on Nitro Type. These cars can be earned by completing various achievements and season tiers, but some of them have become unobtainable. A couple of them are also only for Nitro Type admins. They are listed in the order in which they were created. Click on a car's image to learn more about it. Some of these achievement cars have been re-released in the Shop.

14 small 1.png21 small 1.png22 small 1.png30 small 1.png33 small 1.pngSmall ponce de leon.png37 small 1.png42 small 1.png45 small 1.png46 small 1.png48 small 1.png49 small 1.pngSmallcar50.png51 small 1.pngTypiano small.png53 small 1.png54 small 1.png56 small 1.png57 small 1.png65 small 1.pngSmallcar66.png67 small 1.png68 small 1.png70 small 1.pngCar71.pngCar72 (1).png73 small 1.png77 small 1.png82 small 1.png83 small 1.png84 small 1.pngSmallcar 85.png86 small 1.pngSmallcar87.pngCar88.pngCar89 small.pngSmall car99.pngSmall car 100.pngCar102 small.pngCar103 small.pngSmallcar90.pngSmallcar105.png107 small 1.pngCar109 (3).pngCar110.pngSmall kringle 4000.pngSmall buddy snowmobile.pngSmall kringle 4000 xl.pngSmall buddy snowmorocket.png95 small 1.png115 small 1.png116 small 1.png119 small 1.png120 small 1.png121 small 1.png123 small 1.png124 small 1.png125 small 1.png126 small 1.png127 small 1.png129 small 1.png132 small 1.png133 small 1.png134 small 1.png135 small 1.png136 small 1.png137 small 1.png138 small 1.png139 small 1.png140 small 1.pngGingerbread Racer (small).png143 small 1.pngMissile Toe (small).png145 small 1.png150 small 1.png151 small 1.png153 small 1.png156 small 1.png157 small 1.png158 small 1.png159 small 1.png160 small 1.png163 small 1.png164 small 1.png165 small 1.png166 small 1.png167 small 1.png168 small 1.png169 small 1.png170 small 1.png171 small 1.png172 small 1.png173 small 1.png175 small 1.png177 small 1.png178 small 1.png179 small 1.png180 small 1.png181 small 1.png182 small 1.png183 small 1.png184 small 1.png185 small 1.png186 small 1.png187 small 1.png188 small 1.png189 small 1.png190 small 1.png191 small 1.png192 small 1.png193 small 1.png194 small 1.png195 small 1.png197 small 1.png198 small 1.png203 small 1.png199 small 1.png200 small 1.png201 small 1.png202 small 1.png204 small 1.png205 small 1.png206 small 1.png207 small 1.png208 small 1.png209 small 1.png210 small 1.png211 small 1.png212 small 1.png213 small 1.png214 small 1.png215 small 1.png216 small 1.png217 small 1.png218 small 1.png219 small 1.png220 small 1.webp221 small 1.webp222 small 1.webp223 small 1.png224 small 1.png241 small 1.png242 small 1.png243 small 1.png Badrax small.pngH2ocar small.png 179 small 1.png160 small 1.pngCorsamystica small.pngAmphibbtly small.png

Car Navbox

Daily Rewards/Cruisin' Back Vehicles

Fonicci Tricolore Fonicci Tricolore 73 large 1.pngStingtec Electric Stingtec Electric 91 large 1.pngBlitz R-8.1 Blitz R-8.1 Auttier8 large.png

Nitro Addiction Vehicles

Winson R/T Winson R/T 21 large 1.png

Winning Vehicles

Rocket Man Rocket Man 53 large 1.pngLiberty F-125 Liberty F-125 Largecar90.png

Hitting the Track Vehicles

Typiano Pizza Car Typiano Pizza Car Typiano large.png

Spring Cars

Teggsla Teggsla 149 large 1.pngEgg Beater Egg Beater 150 large 1.pngEggcedes Eggcedes 151 large 1.png

Egg Hauler Egg Hauler 152 large 1.png

PAC Cars

Rocky Roo Rocky Roo 154 large 1.pngNitroPAC NitroPAC 155 large 1.png

Unfinished/Unreleased Cars

Thwampus (No ID)