The 2018 Spring Fever Event was Nitro Type's first annual spring event. It was announced on February 14, 2018, started on March 15, 2018, and ended on April 1, 2018.


@HAPPY_VALENTINES_DAY It's been a crazy past few months with hurricanes, and the NT team growing. I will be making more of an effort to be on the news more often and keep you guys updated with what all's going on at HQ. Unfortunately there will not be a valentine's event... BUT we will be having a spring event this year. Stay tuned!


We're gearing up for our brand new spring event! What do think would be best name for our new event? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious spring event? :D


Thanks so much to the moderators for handling the chaos from this error. We are currently working to normalize things. The event will be coming out in the next week, but i guess everyone has a little sneak peak of what's to come xD

@Hey~everyone - some lines got scrambled last night while preparing for an upcoming event (surprise). Sorry for the confusion and to everyone that mistakenly received achievements and titles. We will be refunding all purchases and you will need to work for the achievements. BUT some sunnyside news for everyone that earned extra cash during the mix up, it’s yours to keep!


  • 2/14/17: TheRedBaron announces that there will not be a Valentine's Day event, but there will be a spring event.
  • 2/17/18: TheRedBaron asks for ideas about achievements and cars.
  • 3/2/18: TheRedBaron says in a comment that the event would last for two weeks.
  • 3/9/18: There is a glitch where some of the spring cars are buyable in the dealership, and some people automatically got all of the achievements when they logged in.
  • 3/10/18: The aforementioned glitch is resolved. TheRedBaron states that all spring car purchases will be refunded, and any money earned from achievements can be kept by the players.
  • 3/12/18: A news post is created by Travis, announcing that the event will be starting on March 16th. [1]
  • 3/15/18: The event begins one day earlier than announced. [2]
  • 3/23/18: A new news post is released by Travis announcing the current spring event stats. [3]
  • 4/1/18: The event ends.


Car Picture Name How to get Corresponding Achievement
149 small 1 Teggsla $10,000 Springing Up
150 small 1 Egg Beater 100 Races Egg Beater
151 small 1 Eggcedes 300 Races Eggcedes
152 small 1 Egg Hauler $15,000,000 Got Carrot Away


Note: Achievements with a * beside them are hidden achievements.

Name How to Earn It Rewards Achievement Points
Springing Up Purchase the Teggsla "Spring-a-round" +50
Got Carrot Away Purchase the Egg Hauler "Crackin' Up" +60
Bloom Bloom Complete 50 races $100,000 +60
Egg Beater Complete 100 races Egg Beater +70
Flower Power Complete 150 races $600,000 +80
In Full Vroom Complete 200 races $1,000,000 +90
Eggcedes Complete 300 races Eggcedes +110
Eggsecutive* Complete 500 races "Eggsecutive" +130


  • This was Nitro Type's very first spring event.
  • It was the fourth event to come out on schedule.
  • On March 9, there was a glitch where if you logged in, you would automatically get every single achievement for the event. In addition, the car images would not appear. However, the free achievements were only awarded in certain instances. On a few accounts, players found that only some of their races were done for them, not all. They were awarded relative to the amount of XMaxx races that were done the previous year.
  • This event was suggested many times before it actually happened.


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