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'68 Roadtripper is a Summer Car.

If used during a Summer Event, you get 25% extra cash and XP from races (50% before the 2018 Surf n' Turf Event).


The '68 Roadtripper is a car that could be obtained by completing the BBQs Every Meal achievement, which required racing 150 times in a session with a summer car during the 2013 Summer Event. After obtaining the car, one would also complete the hidden Summer of 68 achievement.


  • It bears many references to the '60s culture such as the peace symbols and the massive array of bright colors, which may refer to the culturized appearance of drugs at the time.
  • Former admin asssa123 shared a version of this car, the Flower Power, as part of a community poll on the Nitro Type Discord to choose the cars for Season 22.
    • The poll was between the Sandstorm, The Jury, and the Flower Power. Only the two with the highest votes would progress, so, as a result, the Flower Power wasn't added to the game.
  • It is based on a Volkswagen van from the 1960s to the 70s.

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