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Annual Valentine’s Day Event

If a Valentine’s Day event were to occur, do you think it would be annual? Note: this is not a question asking if it will happen, this is a question that occurs in the event of a Valentine’s Day event occurring.

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• 2d

King of the race.

PlantsToDraw. 3 hours ago he got his corsair. Today I got my Mini Sherman. I am writing this news post on sort of congratulating PlantsToDraw and Me for racing a lot and for me dealing with my mom telling me to get off. But getting was a lot of work. I know no one really cares but i thought that it would be nice to share to the world. Also I like the car but hate the paint options so I will stick to the regular color. Also I am trying to get 500 season races. Thought I would share too.

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• 2d

Valentines day event?

Whats the chances that there is a Valentines day event to take place later today? Or even tomorrow just to kinda hold us off until V3

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• 3d
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• 2/10/2019

Nitro Type V3

Travis said that there would definitely be skins in V3.

Is that why V3 hasn't been released yet?

They are definitely taking their time on V3.

They must be working so hard!

On skins.

That have been used on various other cars.

That can't be on normal (non-event)cars.

Also I just realized that many people complain that there are too many reskins. But yet they want skins for cars.

I guess they were talking about skins that aren't overused but I guess we'll see on V3.

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• 2/10/2019
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• 2/9/2019

Asssa123 Moderator

Wish we all could be one day.....

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• 2/7/2019


How do you find out how many more people have more races than you? if you could find out that would be cool.

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• 2/4/2019

Custom Car Names

A custom car name would be fun :p The image below was just inspected but it would be nice if it was like this.

Post image
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• 1/29/2019

2019 Spring Fever Event. Poll for NT Gold members

Do you think they would release a new car called " The Golden Egg" Or something like that for people who have Nitro Type Gold. It could be possible. Also Is the PAC event an annual event or a one-time only like the Nitro Event?

Would you like a Golden Egg for a Gold exclusive car? NT Gold Members only
  • Yeah
  • Nope
  • Maybe. I don't have an opinion.
  • I don't even want a Spring Event in the first place.
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• 1/28/2019

It's been quiet here lately . . .

My services haven't been needed as often lately. I can't say whether that's good or bad, though . . .

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• 1/26/2019

Season Rewards

It is now season season 19, and season rewards are now removed.

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• 1/23/2019

Do you like the new car?

Do you like the new car to do 500 races this season. Would you race for it or would you think it is a waste of time?

Do you like the car?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes but not to do 500 races
  • No totally not worth it.
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• 1/20/2019

New Car (Image)

Sorry if it took me a while to post this, but this is the image that was shared about the car that you can get for 500 races during season 19.

Post image
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• 1/18/2019

SUV Dealership Cars

There are quite a few SUVs in the game, but do you think we will ever see them in the dealership?

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• 1/17/2019

New Car!

I saw asssa123 said their will be a new car coming out tomarrow on the News! Is this true?

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• 1/14/2019

Reducing race time

Are there any methods on reducing the time it takes to finish a race?

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• 1/10/2019


I was racing. I had 60 wpm. I got disqualified for not racing? I looked at my words per minute and it said 21 wpm. How can it go from 60 to 21 in like half a second. Also I reported to the admins. I also did previous races and when I earned first place I got bumped down to 5th place. I am not sure if this is happening to anyone but I think this is really strange. It is affecting my Real WPM. My usual words per minute is 60. Now it is 50 something. I NEED ANSWERS!!!!!

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• 1/10/2019


Ive heard many things about sand bagging i just want to know what it is

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• 1/3/2019

Do you think that Nitro type is using too many cars over and over?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I'm fine with the cars I have
  • Who cares
  • I have no opinion what-so-ever
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